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Calabasas Tree Maintenance Services

Have you ever pruned your trees during spring to make them look lush in fall and summer, in vain? Many people have encountered this scenario. While there's no wrong time to prune dead, damaged, or diseased branches, pruning in winter is recommended when trees are dormant. 


Pruning your trees during dormancy promotes new growth when the weather becomes warm. At A Sandoval Tree Service, we offer expert Calabasas tree maintenance services. Schedule a free consultation to get a quote for your tree service needs.




  • Inspect Trees - The first step is to analyze each tree on your property. Check for dead, dry, and diseased branches. You should also look for signs of pests and insect infestations. To offer high-quality tree maintenance services in Calabasas CA, our company has arborists who are professionally trained for this job.

  • Prune Dead or Damaged Branches - It's time for action now that you've inspected the trees. Pruning is a key step in tree care as it promotes the new growth of healthy branches. Improper pruning can make trees susceptible to infection and pest infestation. Always use the right tools and equipment for the best results. 

  • Protect Trees from Pests - Pests like aphids and moths can cause serious tree diseases or death in extreme cases. The best pest protection strategy is to hire professional Calabasas tree maintenance services before trees become infested. Our arborists will review your case and recommend ideal and practical solutions for your specific needs.




Calabasas tree maintenance services of our caliber offer many tree and environmental management services. Besides tree maintenance, we provide the following services:


  • Landscaping

  • Commercial and residential maintenance

  • Hillside clean up

  • Pruning and trimming, and

  • Gardening services, among others




Thanks to our hardworking team and quality service delivery, we offer expert tree maintenance services in Calabasas CA. We're ready to walk with you every step of the way and ensure your problem is effectively resolved. Our contact info is 818-455-3368. You can call us anytime. 

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