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Calabasas Tree Pruning Companies

Exceptional service. Engaged employees. Real value for money. These are some of the reasons why our clients consider us one of the best Calabasas tree pruning companies. Mind you, our operations now cover the entire Calabasas CA, but our commitment to outstanding client service and environmentally sustainable tree solutions remains the same. 


A Sandoval Tree Service goes over and above standard safety and quality expectations. That is why we have some of the best safety records among Calabasas tree pruning companies. For us, we either do it right or not at all. 




Trees are vital to our ecosystem now more than ever. The fact is that there’s an alarming reduction of primary forests. Forest land (outside conservation areas) keeps decreasing year after year. It’s thus important to go for tree pruning companies in Calabasas CA that can manage trees in a sustainable and environmentally mindful way. 


We are ethical arborists, so we don’t hack down trees willy-nilly. For us, the process leading to tree removal and pruning is as important as the final result. Some of our sustainability efforts include:


  • Rigorous Employee Training - We provide our employees with a solid training foundation so that they master their craft and hone skills to help them make sound decisions, especially with regard to current industry best practices for tree pruning companies in Calabasas CA. Besides, A Sandoval Tree Service members get a mix of role-specific and general safety training, including defensive driving, first aid/ CPR, arborist skills module, and equipment training. All this helps to minimize human error as well as unnecessary wastage.


  • Employing the Right Equipment - Ask around. It’s crucial to hire tree pruning companies that use the right-sized equipment for the job. Here, we religiously employ equipment specially designed for each task at hand. Using the wrong machine or an incorrectly sized one leads to increased safety risks as well as excess damage to the surrounding environment. 





Do you want your tree demolition out of mind and out of sight quickly? Then don’t go for just any Calabasas tree pruning companies out there. Instead, choose pros who know how to execute the job at hand efficiently and in a nonpolluting manner. 


 Give us a call today. 818-455-3368.

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