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Chatsworth Tree Maintenance Services

Tree maintenance is the removal of rotting, dead, infected, or damaged parts of a tree. Live branches can be removed provided over 25% of the foliage isn't removed in one year, and such removals won't endanger the tree's lifeline. Tree maintenance isn't an easy task—the reason why you should work with professional Chatsworth tree maintenance services. 


Tree management is done by professionals known as arborists. These professionals are also known as tree surgeons or arboriculturists. Trees are living things, so they should be well maintained. Contact us to help you remove the diseased, damaged, or rotting parts of your trees. 




Here are the common ways used by arborists to maintain and care for trees: 


  • Tree Pruning - Trees need sufficient light, air, and moisture to thrive. Pruning is the removal of excess branches and foliage to create sufficient space for light and aeration. Diseased and dead branches and foliage are pruned to save healthy parts of the tree from infection. A Sandoval Tree Service offers tree maintenance services in Chatsworth CA, so you can reach out to us.

  • Tree Removal - This action is recommended when the tree is damaged beyond management. It's a last resort when everything else won't work. Tree removals aren't done for tree management. They can also be removed to create space, for safety reasons, or when the tree is more of a liability than an asset.

  • Tree Planting - The long-term health of a tree depends on many factors, including where and how it's planted. An arborist will evaluate what the tree requires to thrive and recommend an ideal planting location. For reliable Chatsworth tree maintenance services, contact our professional arborists to advise you about tree maintenance.




Successful service providers have many positive traits; that's the secret behind our success and popularity. Additionally, we offer quality solutions for tree maintenance services in Chatsworth CA.




Tree maintenance is a delicate job that requires patience and expertise. With our certified and experienced arborists, quality results are guaranteed. Call us today at 818-455-3368 for more information about our services. As a notable leader in Chatsworth tree maintenance services, A Sandoval Tree Service has your back.

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