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Chatsworth Tree Trimming Services

Trees can become problematic unexpectedly from natural causes like earth tremors or strong winds. They can change from serene to threatening in an instant. The only reprieve in such moments is a reliable tree care service provider that can show up without failure. That is what A Sandoval Tree Service presents – dependable contractors you can count on when you need us. We specialize in many tree services, from removing stumps from residential properties to commercial tree maintenance. With our passion and commitment to excellence, you will never get sub-par Chatsworth tree trimming services.




  • If branches become weak


Weak branches are hazardous because they often fall without prior indications of problems. The weakness usually comes from disease, causing substantial damage to the property if the tree branches are big enough. Sometimes the higher branches get trapped on the tree, damaging lower ones if they are not removed in good time. Chatsworth tree trimming services can prevent further damage. 


  • When sunken spots appear on the barks


Some wounded trees develop cankers that may manifest as sunken spots on the bark, and removing those branches as quickly as possible is the best remedy. Some trees get an unusual shape after an infection. We can remove the infected branches to prevent the disease from spreading and maintain the proper tree structure.


  • When a tree becomes too large


Tree branches can spread too wide without regular maintenance. They may interfere with power lines, rooftops, or other outdoor fixtures. Sometimes the tree branches may become too dense and prohibit penetration of sunlight. Another possibility is that they can intertwin, increasing susceptibility to decay.




Our tree trimming services in Chatsworth CA have numerous benefits that you can experience first-hand, especially if you call us early. We can make your home the haven it should be with our residential maintenance and other services. A Sandoval Tree Service offers:


  • Exceptional quality

  • Competitive prices

  • Free estimates

  • Timely responses


CALL US AT (818) 455-3368


You can contact us whenever your trees need maintenance or revamping. We guarantee Chatsworth tree trimming services unlike any other. You deserve the best, and that is what we aim to give. 

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