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Encino Tree Maintenance Services

Like humans, trees are living things. That said, we share many characteristics with them, including breathing, feeding, susceptibility to diseases, and dying, among others. Trees play a vital role in the ecosystem, like purifying the air and enhancing aesthetic appeal, so they should be maintained.


Tree maintenance involves removing rotten, dead, diseased, or damaged branches and other parts of trees. This is not an easy job, as many people think. That said, you should work with professional Encino tree maintenance services like A Sandoval Tree Service. Working with a professional gives you peace of mind and increases the chances of getting quality results. 




  • Safety and Aesthetic Standards - Untrimmed or unpruned trees can pose safety hazards to people, animals, and neighboring properties. By law, property owners are held responsible for accidents resulting from negligence, such as failing to cut dangerously hanging branches. You should contact professional tree maintenance services in Encino CA, for all your tree maintenance needs at reasonable rates.

  • Maintaining Property Beauty & Value - Trees and shrubs add aesthetic appeal to properties. However, they can do quite the opposite if not maintained. Also, unmaintained trees can decrease the value of your property. Tree maintenance would be a good thing to consider when preparing to sell a property.

  • Maintain Tree Health - It's important to hire professional Encino tree maintenance services, such as A Sandoval Tree Service, if you want your trees to live a long, healthy life. Trees must be nourished and maintained to thrive. Our team comprises various professionals like arborists who specialize in tree maintenance, so you can expect quality results from us.




We offer numerous tree maintenance services in Encino CA, including tree removal, stump removal, complete landscaping trimming, and pruning, among others. Request a free estimate today and enjoy our budget-friendly tree services. 




Tree maintenance is a delicate job that requires the expertise of an arborist. Our experienced arborists help us gain a competitive edge and stand out from other Encino tree maintenance services. Call us today at 818-455-3368 for more information about our services. 

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