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Encino Tree Removal Services

Tree preservation is an excellent way of maintaining great aesthetics and contributing positively to the environment. However, such practices can take a toll on you, consuming too much energy and time. That is why you need dependable experts specializing in Encino tree removal services. 


Our knowledge and experience in providing a variety of tree care services exceptionally well are unlike any other in the region. We provide customer-centric services, keeping clients involved and meeting your expectations. Our diligent team also accomplishes the work on time, ensuring your property remains clean after we complete the job. We specialize in multiple tree removal services in Encino CA. 




  • Standard – Standard tree removal involves downing a tree and disposing of the limbs by cutting them down to various lengths. You can use the limbs for firewood or any other preferred way. Our friendly team will discuss all your options and cater to all your needs according to your desires. We follow recommended standards to ensure quality results while charging the most competitive fees.

  • Down-only – If you want to put down a tree without worrying about the cleanup chore that follows, consider down-only Encino tree removal services. The alternative is even better if you are on a tight budget because it does not involve cutting firewood or removing limbs. We practice unmatched safety when giving you unequaled services.

  • Low-impact – You need sufficient space to try out the low-impact removal because it requires removing and lowering parts of the tree without damaging underneath features like lawns. The method works best when you need to protect the growth below the tree, which could be flowers, plants, or a sidewalk.  




Our tree removal services in Encino CA begin with a free estimate that we give after a consultation. Our experts will handle all the technicalities, keeping you updated to ensure you understand what goes on in your compound. We thrive in all matters of tree care, including:


  • Tree trimming

  • Stump removal 

  • Sprinkler installation

  • Planting

  • Commercial services




Call us at (818) 455-3368 if you need fast, efficient, and affordable Encino tree removal services. The A Sandoval Tree Service crew will keep you happy by keeping your trees healthy. 

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