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Northridge Tree Removal Services

Nervousness when searching for a trustworthy expert is understandable – it often occurs during emergencies or after disappointment by previous professionals. We understand the apprehension such experiences can cause and are here to help you. Our seasoned team will give you the best experience to rebuild trust through high-quality services, friendliness, and courteous approaches. We aspire for perfection and have everything it takes to achieve it, from equipment and skillsets to knowledge and experience. You can never go wrong with the Northridge tree removal services we provide. 




  • If the tree is damaging walkways or other features 


Roots tend to spread to walkways, sewer lines, or other exterior fixtures, interfering with their functionality. Common signs of such intrusions include cracking surfaces or dysfunctional sewer or water lines. Our crew can sort the issue after an inspection confirms that the tree is the cause. That enables us to prevent further damage.


  • If other plants or trees around are not growing properly 


Overcrowding can hinder proper growth by preventing access to the sun and limiting the growing space. That tends to be an issue with smaller plants growing under a tree. Sometimes trimming is sufficient, but Northridge tree removal services may be necessary if you want the plants below to thrive.


  • When trees are getting closer to power lines or roof


Trees can be problematic near power lines or water pipes, especially during harsh weather conditions. That is why sufficient space between them is mandatory – the same reason their clearance is vital if they get too close. Thanks to our extensive experience and vast training, we can handle the task safely. We weigh the options, opting for trimming if it is a better solution.




You do not have to worry about poor quality services or high prices when you choose our tree removal services in Northridge CA. We also specialize in tree planting, pruning, gardening, sprinkler installation, and other commercial and residential services. We guarantee:

  • Superiority

  • Transparent charges

  • Adherence to timelines




A Sandoval Tree Service is available at (818) 455-3368, with the assurance that insured, licensed, and certified experts will serve you. Our professional Northridge tree removal services will keep your yard in excellent shape.

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