I have worked with many gardening companies and they don’t last more than a year because they let my grass die and end up blaming the heat. But that hasn’t happened with Alfredo and his team. They are truly professional and know everything that you need so your house looks amazing. They have pruned my trees, they keep my lawn nicely green, and when they pass the blower they are super careful so all the dirt doesn’t go in the pool!

I’ve been with them for almost three years and my grass has stayed the same all this time, green!!!. If the sprinklers malfunctions they quickly change them. They make sure all the plants are trimmed, specially the ones on the side of the house. They truly care.

Thanks Alfredo and all the guys that come with you! I love the fact my kids are enjoying the playground in the backyard and I can see the dedication and love for what you do! It shows!

Definitely recommend this company!