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Tarzana Brush Clearing Services

Do you know that your property's boundary may not necessarily be at the fence? It can extend beyond the fence. Also, the fence may be wrongly located. The risk of wildfires is a real threat, especially during summer. I'm sure you've likely heard of the infamous Southern California wildfires, and you'd want to avoid such situations. 


The first line of defense against fire risks is clearing or removing bushes and vegetation around your property. Our Tarzana brush clearing services are affordable options for property owners to avoid potential fires. That said, you should schedule a consultation with our team to learn how we can help you manage your brush.




  • Liability - California is a State Responsibility Area—meaning the State of California has the absolute mandate of preventing and suppressing wildland fires. Fortunately, brush clearing services in Tarzana CA can help you remain compliant with these rules.

  • Building and Fire Regulations - As per these regulations, property owners must take proactive measures to prevent or avoid wildfires. This includes clearing or removing flammable material around your property. Flammable material can include brush, dry vegetation, or anything that can easily burn.

  • Evacuation - California law allows the police or authorized officers to control access to areas experiencing the adverse effects of calamities like wildfires, flooding, storms, and other disasters. Non-compliance is considered a misdemeanor under the Penal Code. Many Tarzana brush clearing services don't give a hoot about the law, meaning your safety may be on the line in the event of a calamity.




Besides brush clearing services in Tarzana CA, we offer many environmental maintenance services at competitive prices. Our other services include:


● Complete landscaping

● Hardscape & Construction

● Ivy topping and removal

● Commercial and residential maintenance, and much more




We are one of the most reputable Tarzana brush clearing services, and we strive to maintain the status quo. Our tree services have no hidden fees. Contact us at 818-455-3368 or at to find out how we can forge a working relationship.

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